15 Tips for a Meaningful Holiday Celebration You’ll Love & Remember

With the holidays around the corner, it’s easy to plan a meaningful celebration you’ll remember for holidays to come.

Whoever you need to celebrate, here is a list of simple tips for how to throw a more meaningful holiday party, dinner, or lunch. Give your guests – and yourself – a fun and thoughtful experience they won’t forget.

  1. Send a cute invitation to your holiday event – Consider sending your guests email invitation via Paperless Post.

2. Add a meaningful quote on the invite – Add a bit of extra meaning by including a quote. It could be something meaningful on the holidays (you can find a bunch here) or it could be a line from a special song or book amongst your family or friends.

Christmas is a piece of one’s home that one carries in one’s heart.

Freya Stark

3. Get one of your favorite holiday photos – When you send the invite, ask your guests to send their favorite holiday photo. You’ll see why later.

4. Set a dress code – Create a special atmosphere by setting a dress code. It could be a cocktail attire or an ugly Christmas sweater theme, to name a few. Other ideas include picking one color to wear, holiday PJs, holiday hat, and more.

5. Pick a meaningful menu – Think about a dish that might have some sort of significance for the people you are celebrating with. It could be a favorite dish your family made you when you were little for the holidays or something that reminds you of a relative who has passed.

6. Set the table – Set the table with a white tablecloth, some festival holiday flowers or your, a candle (important for later), plates, silverware, and a champagne glass. Make it special for everyone. Here are some table scape ideas.

7. Add a meaningful holiday gift as a take-home on the table – Remember the special photo you asked for earlier? Get a copy framed and place it on the table as a place setting. They can take it home as a gift. You could also make this into an ornament.

8. Add a special note on the back – Add a special handwritten note on the back of the photo that your guest can read later. It can be a favorite memory, a quote, or anything you’d like.

9. Welcome everyone with a special drink – To kick brunch off, hand everyone a glass of champagne or another special festive drink.

10. Light the candle – Have everyone light the candle on their table as the event get started to signify the start of the event. You can have each person have their own candle or have one central candle for the whole table.

11. Give a toast – Give a quick toast to thank everyone for joining you. Below is a quick toast in a pinch. You could also share your favorite holiday memory or the best holiday advice you ever received.

12. Create a special playlist to play during the meal – Create a Spotify playlist of your favorite holiday songs, meaningful songs that you liked together growing up, or you can have family members each dedicate two songs and add them to the playlist. Share the playlist with other family members when the event is over.

13. Play the Jar Game during the meal – I call this the Jar Game. There may be another name for it, but the gist is, you write down a question on a square of paper, fold it up, and put it in a jar. Then you pass the jar around, someone picks a question, and answers it. Questions could include – what’s your favorite holiday tradition? What’s something new you want to try in the New Year? What’s the worst gift you ever gave? or try non holiday ones like What was your first job? If you could invite anyone to dinner, who would it be and why? If you had to eat one meal for a year, what would you choose? Find a full list of questions here.

14. To wrap up, say thank you and blow out the candle – Ok now that the festivities have wrapped up, you can say a quick thank you and have everyone blow out their candles. This signifies the end of the event for everyone.

15. Include something fun to take home – If you were able to do the photo, then this could count as the take home. If not, consider giving everyone a flower or maybe a little bag of holiday candy or an ornament.

Ok we hope this give you some good ideas on how to make a more meaningful holiday event. You can do some or all of the tips. Whatever is best for you.

What are some of the favorite holiday dishes your mom made for your growing up? Please share in the comments below!

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