The You Spark is an online resource for women that offers personal development and lifestyle articles, inspiring products, and more to help people go from confusion to clarity about their life purpose, goals, and happiness so they can ignite their most meaningful life.

The You Spark’s goal is to help you come alive to your highest self. We help you tap into and communicate the best of you so that you are elevated and empowered. Many individuals seek out The You Spark’s insight and transformative approach. We focus on your total wellbeing – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial.

The You Spark also provides life coaching journals for both individual women, offering brisk insight into their core strengths, abilities, love, and emotional storehouses – some realized, some not – and provides the tools so others can maximize those opportunities for their and others greater good. 

Many today are overwhelmed by content, responsibilities, and the feeling that they have to do it all. But from home to the office and back again, there is often a soft, background yearning for something more. 

Using our signature approach,  The You Spark helps people tap into and bring forth that yearning so they can follow their own path to success with confidence and that quiet knowing that empowers them.

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