5 Pep-Talks to Give Yourself When You’re Having a Bad Day

I find, like almost everyone, that some days are easier to deal with than others.

My husband often says with kids, sometimes you wake up thinking the day will go one way, and the complete opposite happens! With the pandemic, in some ways, we’re living Groundhogs Day over and over. In other ways, you don’t know what’s going to happen with many things that are outside of your control – the news, climate, etc. But regardless of what’s happening, have to keep on going as people, mothers, friends, partners, daughters, and more.

So what do you do when you’re feeling down? Self-talk is one tool you can use to give yourself a mood boost and have a better day. Here are some phrases you can use. Repeat them over and over as much as you can while taking deep breathes to calm down.

1. You can do it! – Listen, I’m sure you’ve made it through a lot of hard things in your life. Remember that time you (fill in the blank of something you did that was awesome)? You can do this too. You can do it! Just keep going. Take it one day at a time and if you can’t do that, take it one hour or one minute at a time. You got this.

2. Everything is going to be ok. – When I was living abroad and things were hard, I just wanted someone to tell me that everything was going to be ok. I didn’t have that then so I had to tell myself. And you know what? It was. It may take time. It might seem like it’s hard now, but remember, that everything is going to be ok.

3. This too shall pass. – The blessing and the curse of life is that all things shall pass. Nothing lasts forever. This is great in terms of Covid! Not so great in terms of maybe that vacation that you loved. But take solace in the goodness of it. Whatever bad situation you’re facing, it too shall pass.

4. There is a lot of beauty in the world. – A friend told me this when things were in the world seemed like they were turning upside down. I was so focused on the negative, that I forgot to look at all the beautiful things around me. Make a list of twenty beautiful things in the world today. This should give you a quick lift.

5. Just do what you can. – Sometimes it feels like you need to solve all problems at once, but the truth is, you don’t. So give yourself a break. Sometimes the harshest critic if yourself. Give yourself credit for how far you’ve come. You’re doing the best you can. Just do what you can today. Don’t worry about the future so much. Appreciate what you’ve accomplished.

What phrases do you like to tell yourself to make yourself feel better? Leave a comment below!

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