Inspirational Essay – Living with Laundry

Back when she had her show, Oprah featured the story of a mom dying of cancer who took her daughter on many adventures before she died. From Disney World to Palm Springs, they did it all. When Oprah asked the daughter what her favorite time she had with her mom was, she said it was in the mornings at home eating Cheerios together. 

I think about this all the time. You’re waiting for your great adventure. You’re waiting for the big thing to happen to save you, but the love and the beauty – your life – is in the mundane. 

The endless cycles of laundry are part of that.

When my kids were newborns, it was a chore to be done along with a hundred other things that made the day the fastest and the slowest at the same time. But I tried to be grateful for the tiny white onesies with pink flowers and the size 3 to 6 month dress. It meant a new human lived in my home. It meant that this time was fleeting. That I’m lucky to have these miniature clothes to fold for they represent the tiny baby I get to care for. 

Even for a couple in their old age who have done thousands of loads of laundry. It’s a gift to get to fold your husbands shirts because it means he’s still with you on this earth. It’s a gift to iron your wife’s shirt because she will be there to wear it.

Sometimes, it’s being grateful for the little things.

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