Go from confusion to clarity on your life purpose so you can live your life adventure and have more inner peace.

Are you ready to go from confusion to clarity on your life purpose?

Knowing and doing what makes you feel most alive can be hard in today’s world of work pressure, family demands, & busy schedules. The You Spark coaching packages are designed to help you find the answers where they already lie – within yourself.

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 Imagine you are confident, you have a clear vision of who you are and what you want, and have the ability, know-how and prowess to be true to yourself, say yes to your inner voice and dreams, and help the world.

Well, what if I told you, you already are all of those things. They are already in you. You just have to bring them out. That’s what The You Spark coaching is all about. 

Get access to transformative coaching tools to help you open the door to self-discovery.


Let me tell you a bit about myself. My name is Susie Madden. I’m a business owner and mom who has been on what you might call a spiritual journey since having kids. And now I’m here to be your number one fan and let you know, you’re not alone – and it’s not too late.

 You see, I had a successful PR company, but once my kids came along, I kind of lost myself. Part of it was the sheer volume of work it takes to take care of babies (who knew?!). The second part was, I didn’t want to do what I was doing anymore. On top of the fact that my industry was collapsing on itself, it made the perfect conditions for what one might call a shit storm!

 After a lot of book reading, reflection, trying and failing, ignoring, and then doing, I finally have been able to come out of the other side happier, wiser, and more at peace than ever. Now I’m here to help you find more happiness and inner peace in your life.


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What You’ll Learn

Define Your Strengths

Bring out your strengths – some realized, some not – as you work through the process.

Set Your Goals

Decipher your dreams – and lay out a road map to get there.

Know Your Purpose

Have your own clear north star identified and brought to light so you can live in alignment with your true self.

What this is...

What this is about is being who you are – and bringing that to the surface again. It’s about being confident in yourself, in your ability, in your power. It’s about self-acceptance and self-love and it’s about helping others with your awesome gifts that you already possess.

It can be small simple explosions of bliss like writing in your journal or big grand gestures that see you book an around the world ticket to deliver shoes to needy children. I don’t know. Only you do. You need to do the hard work. You need to wait for answers, but also take action. You need to be open to knowing and being confident in that knowing.

 You have to be ready to let this wiggle its way out of you – and say yes to the adventure that awaits. It’s scary and it takes courage. I’m not denying that. I’ve been scared as anything putting The You Spark together. Making it happen, but if I don’t, I will wither and shrivel on the inside. It was my call to adventure. What will yours be – and how will it be used to help others live more beautiful loving lives?  We are the guide here to help you take the first steps.

Find Your Purpose

What this is not

This isn’t necessarily about a major life change. It’s not about rocking your world and making you quit your job and move to Bali – but if that’s what it is for you, go for it! I’m not advocating for doing things that make you uncomfortable.

It’s also not about material things. This isn’t The Secret. This isn’t about buying a new car, getting a new house, or booking a trip to Italy.

And most importantly, this isn’t about changing who you are or constantly struggling to meet expectations – yours or someone else’s. It’s not a makeover, or a do over, or anything else that makes you feel like you’re not enough.


This course helped me refocus my priorities and have a set path to point me in the right direction. I’m so happy to have had this transformative experience.

Before The You Spark course, I felt stuck and confused, unsure about the direction my life was taking. Having kids threw me for a loop personally and I had to redefine my priorities and who I was. Thankfully, this helped me navigate through this phase and come out the other side with a clearer idea of who I am and what I want.

I’m so thankful that The You Spark was able to help me shift my perspective and boost my self-knowledge, and therefor, my self-confidence. Thank you!


The You Spark Course - Module One

$ 29
per module

Sign up for the first module and see if you like it. The first module which focuses on “Remembering Who You Are” will be emailed to you along with the worksheets. Then, if you like it, you can buy the subsequent modules for $29 CAD each. Keep going or stop whenever you want. There are six modules in total. You deserve to be happy. Take the first step.


Get in touch anytime. We’re happy to help answer any questions you have.

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