An Easy Trick to Help Find Your Purpose

Your purpose. You may hear lots of people telling you to find your purpose, to narrow it down to that one thing. That once you have that one thing, you’ll be all good.

Then other people say you’re exactly where you should be. All the experiences you had until now were on purpose to get you to your purpose. 

You may be over finding your purpose. You might be done trying to squeeze yourself into one box for the rest of your life. For being the same when your 20 as when you’re 30 as when you’re 70. Life moves, you change.

Here’s another option.

Your ‘purpose’ is fluid – and the way you find it is by following the yellow brick road of right feelings. You’re not going to know in a year where that may lead you – and that’s scary as hell. You might not know next week. You have to follow your hunches, your inner voice, and listen to your body.

This is your highest purpose. This is your purpose. You can’t plan it. You don’t know where it will go.

For us at The You Spark, we often have no idea where this will lead. We just know that if we didn’t do this, it would feel like we were going to have to scream into a pillow for the rest of our lives.

It’s like ever expanding circles when you drop a stone into the water. The more you follow, the greater the circles become. 

What has been your experience with finding, or living, your purpose?

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