How to Have a Delightful Afternoon Tea – Recipe Roundup

We do Recipe Roundups to bring some fun experiences like Afternoon Tea to your own homes. With spring in the air, consider having a garden afternoon tea party or have one inside anytime.

After all, Afternoon Tea is a fun experience to have at home. Consider setting the table with a white tablecloth, breaking out your best china, laying out your tea set, and having some fun.

Below you will find a kid-friendly Afternoon Tea menu linked to some of my favorite recipes. Afternoon Tea serving trays go from bottom to top, sandwiches, to scones, to dessert. I’ve listed the recipes in that order below plus add a few kid-friendly options.


Afternoon Tea Sandwich Recipes

  • Curried Chicken Tea Sandwich – This was one of my favorites. We omitted the pecans and cranberries from the recipe just because of personal preference and it still turned out amazing.


  • Scone Recipe – There are many scone recipes out there – and boxed mixes too. To save time sometimes, we use the PC Scone baking mix. You can also buy scones at a local bakery.
  • Lemon Curd – This is the most tangy, silky amazing recipe for lemon curd. You can use the lemon curd on your scones instead of jam. The key here is to really give it the time it needs to thicken up. If it’s taking too long, put the heat up a little or you’ll be there all day! I’ve also heard that Trader Joe’s has a delicious jarred version.
  • Clotted Cream – I adore clotted cream, but it’s not that easy to find in stores. Usually specialty stores have it. I’ve linked a recipe you can use to try to make it yourself if you’d like!
  • Strawberry Jam – There are so many wonderful jams on the market. I like the Bonne Maman which is well priced and more widely available. Use any flavor of any brand. It’s your tea.

Afternoon Tea Desserts

  • Mini Brownies – A coworker gave me this recipe for the best brownies. They are decadent and rich. You can make a frosting to go with them, but I like them without.
  • Chocolate Covered Strawberries – Ok so these aren’t necessarily a traditional dessert to serve, but it’s a crowd pleaser and easy to make. You can make these with just melted chocolate or with shortening mixed in as per different recipes. I’ve done both and both work well.
  • Colorful Macarons – I love macarons, but I will admit I have never made them myself. I’ve included a recipe if you’re willing to give it a try! You can also buy some at your local bakery.
  • Kids Favorite Cookies – Sometimes I’ll make some of the kids favorite cookies to ensure they have a sweet treat they like. If you have kids, add whatever your kids love.

Afternoon Tea Drinks

  • Pot of Tea – Use your favorite tea in your favorite tea set. My kids enjoy tea so I often use a decaf Earl Grey.
  • Champagne Cocktail – If you’re celebrating something special, consider adding some champagne to your menu. A favorite of mine is to add a splash of Chambord to the champagne for extra fun.

What are some of your favorite Afternoon Tea recipes? Please share in the comments below!

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