How to Activate Your Inner Guidance

Maya Angelou kept playing cards with her while writing. She played solitaire to overcome writers block. Why? Because as she said, it occupied her small mind so her big mind (i.e. her inner guidance) could produce the answer she sought. 

This is the same concept that leads to ‘shower’ discoveries. How often has an idea or answer come to you in the shower? Or while driving? Or while doing the dishes? Knitting or doing any other hobby? It’s the same principle.

When you keep your active mind (or small mind) busy, it clears the path for your inner voice to percolate up. Sometimes it words, sometimes it’s a feeling, sometimes it’s a knowing. Often it’s subtle which is why it can be hard to hear otherwise. 

This is also why sometimes instead of pushing so hard to find the answer to a problem, you need to just let it go instead. The harder your push, the less space your inner voice has to work it’s way through.

Try this. Ask the universe or God or Spirit or whatever you want to call it a question. Then let it go. Get busy doing something mundane. This could be playing Tetris or Solitaire, cleaning the kitchen, or folding the laundry. See what answers come to you.

It could be later that day or later that week or a month later, but when it hits you, you’ll know. 

Have you had any experiences with this? Share them below. And if you want a safe space to write down your own inner promptings, check out the Journal Your Way to a More Peaceful You book.

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