7 Easy Hobbies You’ll Love

Boost your confidence and reconnect with yourself by incorporating simple new hobbies into your life. Check out these seven hobbies that you can do in just 10 to 30 minutes a day.

1. Do Pilates while watching TV – Strengthen your core while you lie down. Incorporate a few Pilates moves while you watch Netflix or before you go to bed. Feel stronger and build your confidence by adding a few more reps each time. Check out some easy beginner Pilates moves here.

2. Use 3 simple questions to start journaling – Before you start your work day or before you go to bed, take ten minutes to journal. Some easy beginning journal prompts to boost self-understanding and your confidence are simply: I want, I need, I feel. Download your free journal page here.

3. Take one photo a day – Let’s face it. We all have phones with pretty amazing cameras on them. Challenge yourself to take one picture a day for thirty days. You can do it in a series (things that are blue, foods, flowers, kids) or just do whatever moves you to feel good in your day. Check out some easy beginner tips here and here.

4. Grow a one-plant garden – Begin with just one small step in gardening. Get one plant for your home, one herb in one terracotta pot (like thyme, basil, parsley), or plant one type of vegetable in a pot (easy ones include one or two radishes and French beans). Water it every morning and put it in a sunny spot. Watch it grow. Then add one more plant and maybe another. Take a slow and watch your garden – and confidence – grow.

5. Read (or listen) to books: If you have a local library card, you can download the Libby app. Simple put in your library card number and the password is the last four digits of your phone number. Then, download as many ebooks and audio books as you want. Listen to a book while doing the dishes, walking, shopping. Whatever you want.

6. Meditate for 2 minutes: Starting with just one or two minutes is perfectly wonderful when you start meditating. Just find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Focus on your breath and let the thoughts that come through pass by like trains you’re not getting on. If you want a more structured approach, check out some apps like Calm or Headspace.

7. Choose your own adventure: Make a list of three things you love to do. Now pick one thing and do it for ten minutes a day. That’s a hobby too.

What hobbies do you love doing?

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